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Childhood Obesity

How Childhood Obesity ?

Children become overweight and obese by different of reasons. The common causes of Childhood obesity are genetic factors, lack of physical activities, unhealthy foods. But in some cases overweight caused by medical conditions such as a hormone problems. By physical examination and blood tests we can find out the possibilities of medical conditions as the cause for obesity.

A child's diet plays an important role in determining a his/her weight. Today, most of the children's spending a lot time being inactive. For example, a child spends approximately 4 hours each day for watching television. And now a days computers and video games become popular and the number of childes also increases that spends more time for these entertainment with out any physical activities. By this way the child getting sit for a long time in front of these. This makes the children's inactive and lazy. By this the physical activities is decreased and the childes get obese.

Obesity Causes and Effects
  • Cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart related diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Bone problems
  • Skin conditions such as heat rash, infections, and acne
How Can You Involve With Your Child...
It is very important that you will be supportive with your children's. Children's feelings about themselves are based on their parents' feelings on them. And you try to accept your child at any weight. And talk with them about their weight and share their concerns with you. And you may to involve the entire family with healthy habits such as,
  • Plan family activities such as exercise, walking, cycling, swimming.
  • Be sensitive with your child's needs.
  • Take an effort to reduce the time of you and your family spend for watching TV or playing video games.
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