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Hernia Repair Surgery in India

What is a hernia?

Hernia is a part of an organ sticking out through the walls of muscle, tissues, or the membrane which it contains. Most are abdominal wall Hernia. It involve a portion of the viscera bulging into or out through the abdominal muscle walls. In some cases, a portion of stomach, fatty tissues, or portion of other digestive part is involved. Usually a bulge is seen on underneath of the skin, where hernia is formed. It can develop through any congenital or acquired or opening or a weak spot in abdominal wall. There are different types of hernias, they are named for where they located.
  • Inguinal
  • Femoral
  • Umbilical
  • Diaphragmatic
Treatment for Hernia

Surgical correction is used for Hernia and called as Hernia Repair. Some of the methods for hernia correction include herniotomy, herniorrhaphy, hernioplasty. The procedure of removal of hernia is termed as herniotomy. If hernia is comparatively small and doesn't have any pain, treatments other than surgery is used. The most common hernia repair surgeries are

Open hernia repair and the laparoscopic surgery are the common types of inguinal hernia repair.
Herniorrhaphy: In this an opening is made in the groin. The bump is pulled back into abdomen. Now, the muscle that is torn apart is stitched. In order to produce adequate support to this weak muscles, an artificial mesh is placed.
Laparoscopy: In this process, some small slit in the abdomen are used for the surgery.

Hiatus hernia occurs when a small part of the stomach pushes out through the diaphragm through a tiny opening called the hiatus. It is often unnoticed for a long period. As the condition becomes worse, signs like chest pain, heartburn may be experienced. Hiatus hernia Repair is also done by Open hernia repair and the laparoscopic surgery as mentioned above.
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