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Get Rid from Ovarian cyst

Ovaries are two small glands which are located on the each side of woman's uterus. Ovarian cyst is a sac with some fluids and tissue. In most cases cyst is normal and harmless but in some cases it will cause some problems and need treatment.
There are several types of ovarian cyst such as endometrioma cyst dermoid cyst and functional cyst. Functional cyst is the most common type of cyst. Endometriomas is a type of ovarian cyst that form as a result of endometriosis that is filled with dark color blood.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst

In many case ovarian cyst do not cause any symptoms, symptoms will appear based on the growth of cyst. the most common symptoms are;
  • Abdominal swelling and bloating
  • Bowel movement become painful
  • Painful intercourse
  • Breast tenderness
  • Pelvic pain before and during menstrual cycle.
Treatment for ovarian cyst
Birth control pills : If you have recurrent recurrent ovarian cyst, your doctor will prescribe a contraceptive to prevent the development of ovarian cyst. That will helps you to reduce the risk of ovarian cyst.

Laparoscopy : You can remove your cyst by surgical method, if cyst is small your doctor can perform laparoscopy to remove it. Doctor makes a small incision near to your navel and insert an instrument to your abdomen to remove the cyst.

Laparectomy : If you have a large cyst your doctor will remove the cyst by making a large incision on your abdomen or they may conduct hysterectomy procedure to remove the ovaries and uterus.

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