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Diabetes: How is it Treated?

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease with abnormal increase of sugar level in the blood.The main aim for the diabetes treatment is to stop elevation of blood sugar and maintaining normal bloodsugar level.The important treatments for diabetes are weight reduction and excercise. Our hospital provide cost effective treatment for Weight Reduction Surgery in hyderabad.

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There are three types of diabetes:-
  • Type 1 Diabetes 
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes
The main role of insulin is to act as a key to open our cells.Thus the glucose enters in to the cells. This glucose is needed for energy purpose in all cells in our body. Type 1 Diabetes is also called 'Juvenile Diabetes' because it commonly develops in teenagers and children.In this diabetes,the body immune system mistakenly considers the pancreas which is producing the insulin as a foreign substance and destroys them, so it is named as 'auto immune disease'.
The diagnostic tests for the Type 1 diabetes are
Glycated hemoglobin test
Random blood sugar test
Fasting blood sugar test 

Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes includes

Insulin Injecting: Take needed insulin properly,insulin can be injected into the main areas of your body such as stomach,buttocks and thighs.

Transplantation of Islets: It is known as 'Life Saving Therapy'.Here insulin producing cells named islets,from the pancreas are transplanted.

Managing your blood sugar level: Check your blood sugar level daily yourself by using a glucose meter and manage your blood sugar level based on that result.

Regular Excercise: Daily excercise as suggested by your doctor will control your bloodsugar level.

Healthy diet: Healthy and controlled diet helps to maintain your blood sugar level in a target range.

Type 2 Diabetes

we can treat Type 1 Diabetes by injecting insulin,diabetic diet and excercise.Type 2 diabetes is also known as adult-onset diabetes. This disease is due high bloodsugar level. When the patients suffer from Type 2 Diabetes,then their pancreas does not produce insulin or if insulin is present the body can not use enough.Thus the body cells can not get glucose.This may cause the following problems

  • Over glucose level in blood damages the nerves,blood vessels of eyes,heart and kidney.
  • Due to dehydration there will be increased urination among patients.
  • Diabetic coma occurs,it is the life threatening problem.Here due to severely dehydration,the patient is not able to drink fluids.
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Treatment options include
  • Maintaining a balanced diet:consult a dietician and follow the food consumption which is suggested for you.
  • Excercise:The body will respond to insulin.
  • Gastric bypass procedure: This procedure is used to manage diabetes in two ways.They  are one, portion of stomach is closed to  limit intake of food and another is rerouting the pathway of small intestine,this ensures a small amount of food is absorbed.
  • Gastric sleeve procedure: This is known as sleeve gastectomy,a portion of stomach is removed and the remaining portion is like a sleeve,so it results in the loss of appetite in patient.
  • Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band(LAGB) or Gastric band: Laparoscopic surgery is known as keyhole surgery.In this,a band is placed on the top of the stomach and a small port is affixed inside the body for adjusting the size of the band.As a result you eat less amount of food.
  • The Ileal transposition surgery: This is the latest treatment and used only in terminal stage.This diabetes surgery is performed through laproscopy.This surgery help in glycemic control in diabetes patients.
Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes affects pregnant women who have never had diabetes before in their life,and have high bloodsugar level in their gestational period.

Treatment for gestational diabetes
  • Follow a balanced diet.
  • Do regular exercise.
  • Check blood sugar levels regularly.
  • Monitor fetal growth and well-being.
  • Do regular medical checkups.
  • Take insulin properly.
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