Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Reducing Weight Is Not A Herculean Task

We have been programmed to believe that losing weight is a Himalayan task which need hard exercises, slashing diets and extreme life style changes.

The truth is different- Obviously one need exercise and healthy diet should be a part of daily life. Weight loss is not a one hour job or just a simple diet steps...beyond that it depends on the way we live, what we do, and how we do. Are you out of ideas on how to loose 500 calories every day...Then sure the list of 15 steps will help to burn away the extra calories.

How many calories you burn depends on the weight of your body. More the weight of body more work one has to do. Clean and mop the home for 2 hours and burn 500 calories, washing dishes for 20 mins, scrubbing the floors would burn the 38 and 65 calories respectively.

Walk while we talk

Don’t be in a standing position while you are on phone-Just start walking up and down the stairs which helps reduce the calories and tone the glutes as well. More calories will burn while standing than sitting. Have lunch standing up!

Kissing burns 500 calories!

Fewer calories will burn with the foreplay. Person weighing 80 kilos will burn 30 calories in 20 minutes of healthy foreplay. Extend the foreplay to burn more calories.

Oral Sex

Oral sex burns 100 calories and having sex standing up reduce 600 calories for both. Does it really useful watching Shakeera shaking her booty...instead join in a aerobic or dance class and burn 500 calories for sure.

Dancing to the favourite tune and Skip Rope

Dance increases the flexibility and strength of muscle and a person weighing 70kgs would need the fast dancing to around one hour and 20 mins to burn 500 calories.

You should have burnt more than 500 calories after skipping for 1 hour, according to your choice and you can take intervals in between.

Brisk walk and running

Brisk walking at stride of 4 Mph for 90 mins will burn 500 calories and when at work just take  20 mins during lunch and walk briskly outside. Each 10 mins walk will burn away 80 long.

Running at 6 Mph for 42 minutes will help to blast 500 calories and burn extra calories jogging over hills.

Play with kids

90 minutes of common play with your kids do wonder, thus sweating out those 500 calories.

Leisurely swimming and cycling

65 minutes of swimming on summer day helps to burn 500 calories. The range of calories lost depends on weight, how fast you are swimming, what stroke etc..

Suitable for all, of any age or level of fitness, cycling helps weight loss and thus improves health. Pedal power fun help lose weight by burning off between 90-670 extra calories in each half-hour session.

What about Aerobics?

A healthy aerobic activity of 75 minutes a week will do miracles. Mixture of vigorous and moderate aerobic activity will burn 500 calories every day.

Least noticed but wonderful ways to loose calories without affecting your pocket. Tried above techniques and no change in your weight, take low cost Weight Loss Surgery in hyderabad.

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