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Get Rid of Diabetes Once And For All - Let's Unite on this World Diabetes Day against the Diabetes...

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14 annually. This day focuses on raised global education of diabetes and to implement new strategies to prevent its complications.
According to WHO, there are 347 millions diabetic patients in the world. Diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death in the world by the year 2030- WHO predicted.

Diabetic education and prevention” is the theme of Diabetic Day celebration for the period 2009-13. This theme is much relevant as most of the people are still unaware about fatality of Diabetes and its adverse consequences.

We are also participating in this global attempt through Campaigning and counselling many people and patients worldwide.. This blog is only a part of this attempt intended to provide you some information about diabetes... We are always with you...


Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders which results from the insufficiency of insulin or inefficiency of body to respond to insulin in the body.
Insulin is an important hormone released by pancreas that regulates sugar level in the blood.             
Type1 diabetes results when body suffers inadequacy of insulin.
Type2 diabetes is the widely affecting or most common diabetes occurs when body cannot respond to the produced insulin. 85-90% of total diabetes are type2.

Consequently, the sugar level in the blood hikes or declines rapidly leading to lots of harmful health effects. Diabetes may leads to blindness, kidney failure, foot ulcers, amputation, stroke, mental disorders, heart attack and even deafness...

Type2- A global health crisis

Type2 diabetes is a serious health threat globally especially in most of the developing countries.
Sedentary lifestyles, rapid urbanization, obesity, unhealthy diet and nutrition...and many other factors accelerate the burden of diabetes... Almost 60% of diabetes patients are in Asia.. diabetes traps many people at their early ages... Gestational diabetes are also at the rapid mode of spreading. Majority of type2 diabetes can be controlled by practicing a useful and healthier lifestyle modifications. Cost effective Type2 Diabetes Treatment in hyderabad .

Diabetes: How to control?


All types of diabetes are curable. With timely diagnosis and proper treatments, diabetes can be kept under control. You can return to their regular life with following strategies. These can make your recovery faster.
  • Timely intervention and medications
  • Healthy diet
  • Regular physical activities instead of sedentary lifestyle
  • Weight management
  • Regular blood sugar tests
  • Avoid tobacco use
  • Control alcohol consumption

Advanced Treatments

Insulin medications are available to promote insulin production in the body and to enable body to respond to insulin more effectively to an extent. But it is not adequate to control this global burden of diabetes. Various weight reducing procedures are performed.

Advanced treatment options like ileal interposition and sleeve gastrectomy procedure effective results.
Ileal interposition surgery is the most advanced way of treating diabetes. This procedure aims at increased production of insulin sensitive hormones from ileum, which is the end part of small intestine. Gastrectomy is the surgical way of removing a part of stomach which produce ghrelin hormone and to disabling gastric dilation. After gastrectomy, the remaining portion will resemble a
gastric sleeve.
                                 Gastric Bypass Surgery in Hyderabad

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Delhi can close a part of stomach to limit food intake.



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